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GOC Gallery » Trash Chute Fires, The Hidden Threat – Have us inspect your trash chutes for free!

Chutes are the fastest, most efficient way of moving materials in your building. But under ceratin circumstances an improperly maintained chute may also be the fastest most efficient way to move a fire!

If chute doors are inspected regularly and maintained in perfect working order, flames are contained and extinguished. Even after enants evacuate safely, faulty chute doors can cause you to lose your building, your insurance coverage and, because of large liability suits, even your business.

In the case of just a small fire, chute doors that have been modified with non O.E.M. parts or drilled to accept hasps can still be costly. U.L. ratings are compromised, and you, not the chute manufacturer, bear legal responsiblity for door failure.

Do Your Chute doors pass OSHA Requirements and Honolulu's Fire/Insurance Codes? Take the Chute Quiz!