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GOC offers a wide range of services to meet your trash management needs. Use the buttons below to explore them.
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Compactor and Chute Repair

The professional staff of GOC Technologies is trained to repair compactors and trash chutes.

Call today: (808) 839-1300 for a consultation.
Free Trash Chute Inspections
Improperly maintained trash chutes have caused serious fires in high-rise buildings. Sludge buildup in a chute can ignite at temperatures as low as 180 degrees. Intake doors that do not close and seal, as well as non-functioning fire doors in trash rooms can cause fire and smoke to rush up the chute, with a wind tunnel effect. Obviously this could have devastating results to the building and its residents.

Dirty trash chutes not only add to fire and pest control problems, but have been proven to create "SICK BUILDING SYNDROME." Residents depositing trash into the chute can expose themselves to many biological health hazards, which can cause respiratory ailments and affect allergies. Your trash chute should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, using high pressure washing and specially-formulated cleaning solutions.

Wash down systems do not effectively clean trash chutes. At best they may decrease odors, but adversely add to the corrosion of the steel chute.

GOC Technologies will inspect your trash chute at no charge, and provide a written inspection report of any code violations and a review of the overall condition of the trash chute. Serious damage to the chute will be documented with digital photos for your review.

Call today: (808) 839-1300 to schedule a trash chute inspection for your building.
GOC Technologies Exclusive 10-Step Trash Chute Cleaning Program
Our complete cleaning system insures top-to-bottom cleaning.
Our specially-formulated cleaning solutions continue to work after cleaning, reducing odors and enhancing your pest control program.
Most importantly, the special cleaning process drastically reduces potential fire hazards, by eliminating grease and sludge on chute walls and doors.
Free trash chute fire inspection and inspection of the overall condition of the chute prior to cleaning.
Specially-formulated pre-treatment cleaning solutions to break down grease and odor-causing debris.
4000PSI pressure wash with rotating cleaning head.
Scrape, polish and hand clean all intake doors.
Power wash trash room and compactor.
Complete deodorizing of trash chute and compactor.
Professionally trained staff.
Fully insured (liability, worker's comp, and auto)
Re-inspection after cleaning to insure your satisfaction.

Call today: (808) 839-1300 to schedule a trash chute inspection for your building.

Preventative Maintenance

The professional staff of GOC Technologies is trained to inspect all makes and models of compactors, balers and trash chutes to keep them in top working condition. This includes the work of welding and other heavy-duty mechanical services. We also offer preventive maintenance and extended warranty programs for all makes of trash compactors and baling machines. We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly preventive maintenance packages and can be combined with monthly odor control service and annual or semi-annual trash chute cleaning program for one monthly fee.

Call today: (808) 839-1300 for a consultation.

Download our printer-ready inspection sheets for:

Balers (87K)

Compactors (78K)

Trash Room Cleaning
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