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"What the trash company really charges you for is the number of times they come to the building and the number of dumpsters they dump because they don't really know the weight. In fact, they don't weigh it. Usually you can save what it costs to buy a compactor within two years. It's easy to save 50 percent in your hauling costs alone. You don't know when your trash bin is completely full. Or full of air, things like cardboard or bulky material. In fact, the trash company usually comes at set times of the week. Once a week, say, or twice, whether you're full or not. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a little yellow light on your trash bin that say comes on when you're 80 percdent full and then you call the trash company. In fact, that's excatly how compactors work. First a yellow light at 80 percent, then a red one at 100 percent. And you know the box is full."
– Bob Connor, Head of Sales

GOC assesses the current state of the trash room.
Any necessary modifications are done precisely and accurately.
The new chute comes in...
... and a new compactor awaits it.
All equipment is configured and maintained by GOC's experts.
Out with the old...
... in with the new.