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GOC Gallery » Trash Cute Installation, the Island Colony in Honolulu Hawai'i

"People can't visualize what needs to be done. A lot of rust from the high salt content in sand occurs in the trash chute because the galvanized iron in it is a simpler metal, and the chute is closer to the air than the rebar. We start from the top down. It's like a ballet balancing between keeping people happy and not damaging the building. Usually, we try to get one elevator reserved for us. We cut the chute into pieces with a saw. It's noisy, but there's so much filth on the chute we can't use a torch to cut it, we might set the building on fire."
– Bob Connor, Head of Sales

The Island Colony, Honolulu.
The GOC Team assesses the situation...
...and unloads the new gear: aluminized for anticorrosion.
With precision, the failing system is extracted.
Out with the old, in with the new.
More GOC professionals handle the dirty work.
Don't look down.
The chute is quickly secured and the interior is redone.
Ready for the new chute segments.
Rustproofing/sound barrier material applied to the chute...
...and the new 2 hour fire rated chute is ready to install.
By the end, you'd never know what went on on each floor of this building.