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Baling Machines – Horizontal Balers by Nexgen

TIEger Series open-end auto-tie balers have features not found on other auto-tie balers. The patent pending gear twister is the most exciting technology to hit the baler industry.

Gear driven twisters create a knot that has no pigtail. This can result in more than 10% savings in wire consumption. This adds up to a significant amount that can justify the purchase of a TIEger baler.

The gear twisters along with the adjustable hydraulic wire positioners and adjustable needle positioners make this tier the most reliable on the market.


Galaxy2R Two-Ram balers have a separate ram for compressing recyclable material against a fixed wall and a second ram for ejecting the finished bale. They are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit many baling applications including scrap dealers, material recovery facilities (MRF), recycling centers, distribution centers, large paper and plastic processors, and much more. The automatic tier allows versatility so that the operator has control over the number of ties applied to the bale. This makes the Galaxy2R ideal for PET, HDPE and other plastics baling operations where doubling of the straps or ties is required.