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Meet the Garbage Gobblers! GOC is the exclusive Hawaii distributor for this revolutionary green technology.

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The Garbage Gobbler uses a refined formula of microorganisms to safely and quickly decompose virtually all organic food waste, including: meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, bread, noodles, grains, coffee, eggshells, and dairy products. IF YOU CAN EAT IT, SO CAN THEY!

Within 24 hours the GOHBio 1001 will safely and quickly decompose virtually all organic food waste. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover. The BioHitech system enables your organization to actively contribute to environmental sustainability and the preservation of resources, effortlessly and cost effectively.

The four operational steps:

STEP 1 – A highly refined formula of microorganisms is added to the GOHBio system during setup.

STEP 2 – Food waste is added to the chamber through the hatch.

STEP 3 – Water is added, and the food waste begins breaking down immediately.

STEP 4 – The effluent is flushed down the drain (yes, the drain!), ending the process.

Call NOW for more information about this revolutionary new technology! 808-839-1300

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